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posted : tursday 21 january 2014 » recording the new live album.

Just finished recording the new live album with Jaguari. One week of ear rest and the we´ll start mixing the audio files and share the new songs with all you guys.

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TOUR 2014

10 AUG  | Il Leccio (Montalcino)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

15 AUG  | Ferragosto (Gaiole)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

18 AUG  | Hotel Garden (Siena)
08 p.m.  | DuoSonic

20 AUG  | Festa Contadina (Fabro)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

21 AUG  | Il Barrino (Bagno Vignoni)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

22 AUG  | Birra e Salsicce (Vagliagli)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

24 AUG  | Fiera del Cocomero (Castellina In Chianti - SI)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

25 AUG  | Hotel Garden (Siena)
08 p.m.  | DuoSonic

26 AUG  | Contrada dell'Istrice (Siena)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

29 AUG  | Santa Caterina (COlle Val D'Elsa)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

30 AUG  | Live Night (Abbadia San Salvatore)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

31 AUG  | Bar Dell'Orso (Monteriggioni)
10 p.m.  | I DuoSonic

04 SET  | Contrada della Pantera (Siena)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

05 SET  | Passato e Presente (Casetta)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

06 SET  | Live in Lecchi (Lecchi in Chianti)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

13 SET  | Wedding Party (Siena)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

20 SET  | Wedding Party (Siena)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

22 NOV  | Villa Aurelia (Roma)
10 p.m.  | I Jaguari

» Upcoming shows

LIVE AT SONAR- with Volker Strifler

posted : friday 9 november 2012 » coming soon: live at sonar with volker strifler

LIVE AT SONAR- with Volker Strifler

It´s a pleasure to announce that pretty soon you´ll have the chance to find on Volker Strifler´s YouTube Channel some video from the LIVE AT SONAR show recorded on 2012. You´ll find full videos from the DVD recorden in collaboration with Mosaico and SONAR.


posted : wednsday 27 november 2013 » rockin winter tour!

Jaguari Live - POLAR EXPRESS TOURNo rest for Jaguari. The band is traveling all around introducing sharing fun and energies and making all the fans shake and dance with the songs of the sixties, the sound of rock´n´roll and surf mixed in a cool combo cocktail.

Check out: www.jaguari.it
FaceBook Page, LIKE US on: www.facebook.com/jaguariband

February - Tour with Shana Morrison

posted : monday 4 october 2010 » from the 16th to the 20rd in italy

February - Tour with Shana MorrisonHere are the dates of the shows:
16th feb - The Place - Rome
17th feb - Velvet Underground - AR
18th feb - Gallery Cafè - GR
19th feb - Santa Maria della Scala - SI
20th feb - Officina Metropolis - LI

Lou&TheBlues - review by IL BLUES

posted : tursday 24 august 2010 » a great review about the italian band on the magazine il blues

Lou&TheBlues - review by IL BLUESThanks to Simone Bargelli for letting us know about a wonderful review on the latest Lou&TheBlues´ CD ‘A Long Way’ in the Italian magazine IL BLUES. It’s a great pleasure reading such a nice review written by Silvano Brambilla in an historical Italian magazine. We want to share it with you. Have fun reading... in Italian!!

:: Go to the review page

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